Information Security


The mission of the Information Security Team(IST) is to design, implement and maintain an information security program that protects systems, services and data against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage and loss.

The Information Security Department strategic objectives are;

  • Data Loss Prevention : Initiatives that support this objective will help reduce the likelihood of data loss/disclosure of confidential and legally protected data within companies.
  • Improved security of system and network services:  Initiatives that support this objective will support a defense in depth architecture and provide increased security of critical  services.
  • Proactive risk management :  Initiatives that support this objective will allow data owners and administrators to be more aware of the security risks that their information assets are vulnerable to, identify controls to reduce those risks, and understand what risks remain after any identified controls have been implemented.
  • Crisis and security incident management : Initiatives that support this objective will help companies and all entities recover its information assets in the event of a catastrophic event. Additionally, these initiatives will enable companies and organisations to manage security events more efficiently and effectively, thereby reducing or minimizing the damages.

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